SOCIL Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living

Serving Fairfield and Hocking Counties, Ohio

Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living


Assisting Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families

Fairfield County (740) 689-1494 ... Hocking County (740) 380-1475

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

About SOCIL Services

Center for Independent Living (CIL)

About SOCIL Southeastern Center for Independent Living

A CIL is a non-profit, non-residential organization which assists people with significant disabilities who want to live more independently. They assist people of all ages with all types of disabilities.

SOCIL History

Founded in 2002, SOCIL is managed by a Board of Directors and staff comprised of a majority of persons with various disabilities. The foundation of CIL services is the peer relationship - people with disabilities assisting other people with disabilities as role models and mentors. Each center is unique because it offers services based upon the particular needs of its community. However, centers are alike in that they all offer core services.

Funded in part by the US Department of Education under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, SOCIL offers a wide variety of services but the core services are:

  • Information and Referral resources to address inquiries on housing, schooling, transportation, housing modifications, assistive technology, and benefits
  • Advocacy/Peer Support to allow people with a disability to explore options and solve problems
  • Independent Living Skills trainings to learn and/or improve life skills
  • Community Based Living and Youth Transitions to locate community based services

In addition to the direct services we provide to individuals with disabilities and their families, SOCIL also serves the community at large. We help by creating an environment that is accessible to all through technical assistance and systemic advocacy.